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Remember, your mouth is a good indicator of the health in the rest of your body, so take good care of it, and it’ll take good care of you!

Food. We’ve all heard that onions and garlic can leave us with stinky breath, but the stink here doesn’t come from food particles left behind. Both of these foods leave an oil that absorbs into the lungs and the smell is release with breathing, not speaking. Other offenders in this category include coffee and alcohol.

this tongue cleansing gel is the perfect solution to any kinds of unpleasant odor

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do i still need toothpaste? no

it works effectively on its own with the brush

The best thing you can do for your mouth, bad breath or not, is to use tongue cleansing gel to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each. The reality is that most people brush for 30-45 seconds at a time and sometimes only once a day. Floss once a day as well, to keep your gums healthy and to get rid of stinky food particles hiding in your mouth. Add brushing after each meal to your regimen if bad breath persists.

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What Makes tongue cleansing gel™ Different

tongue cleansing gel that works

tongue cleansing gel 100% natural that helps you feel more comfortable and confident when speaking to others

This special gel and brush is made to give you an admirable tongue every time you look into the mirror to see how pinkish your tongue is looking. This is the best bad breath solution you can get today even if you're a smoker. It makes you go unnoticed while keeping your breath fresh all day long.

Verified buyer -

This is a real life son can breath very good now!

let your mouth smell good!

easy to use & apply - no tool or manual required!

All you need to do is squeeze out an appropriate amount of tongue coating gel and rub it on the soft hair of the tongue cleaner to clean the tongue after you have brushed your teeth in the morning and evenings. Additionally, turn over the scraper surface of the tongue cleaner and scrape it from the inside out for 3-5 times.

Verified buyer -

When I first saw this zapper, I thought there was no way this would be effective. Was I ever surprised! Used it when we went outside, and it really chase the odor out of my mouth

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Our Oral Hygiene Brush & Tongue Cleansing Gel Will Help You To Effectively Remove Dirt And Harmful Bacteria That Cause You Bad Breath And Oral Diseases.

I was tired of feeling self-conscious about my breath in public, when I found Odorlizer which has completely changed that for me. It removes coating, particles and even makes my food taste better. I recommend it.

Verified buyer -

Good product , charge lasts thru the night 6-7 hours . It's a tad small for my intended use personally, the lights aren't as bright . Does the job I guess , I'll get myself a bigger , powerful zapper . This one is super handy for smaller areas .

it works like magic

tongue cleansing gel, which naturally and safely eliminates bad breath by neutralizing the sulfur gas that comes from the tongue,

It will leave your mouth incredibly fresh together with the brush that is designed to effectively reach the back of the tongue where majority of bad breath comes from

Verified buyer -

used to brush my tongue with just a regular toothpaste and it just doesn't compare. It's almost disgusting to me how much more this brush and gel will scrape off. The freshness is off the charts and I don't feel like I'm done with my morning routine until I use this brush.


It is a gel made of sorbose, mint, and other ingredients. natural and healthy raw materials, no harm to the human body, safe care of the oral health for you.

Within just a few days of using this product, I noticed a significant change. This product makes a lot of a difference. I like my tongue to taste fresh after I brush my teeth, with this product it goes a great further than the toothpaste. I recommend

Verified buyer -

I have and will continue to recommend this product. I have always brushed at least 2x a day and flossed, which also consisted of brushing my tongue with my toothbrush. I was lost when I was recently on medication that created a really gross heavy mucus/ phlegm/ film situation in my mouth. No matter how much I tried, my mouth never felt clean. I researched a ton and found that regular toothbrushes are not adequate to clean your tongue which lead me to this product. Literally in the first brushing, I was blown away

why tongue cleansing gel™ is the best ?

tongue cleansing gel
Generic Product
Removes Bad Breath
Clears Build Up From Tongue Like White Coating
Makes Your Tongue Pink And Healthy
Fresh Breath Throughout The Day
Perfect For Those Who Smoke And Take Coffee
Fresh Breath Throughout The Day
Easy To Use
Easy Return
Free Shipping
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