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An ultraportable & powerful NEW device that traps & kill mosquitoes, flies, and bugs in your house, office or outdoor -without spraying & inhaling harmful chemicals.

"It arrived 2 days go... My family & I have been enjoying good night sleep without mosquitoes bite. The product lasts through the night & protect us because we currently live in water & bushy areas"

AYODELE. O - MosTrapPRO Customer



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FINALLY! The Perfect Mosquito Killer For Every Family!

Each year, mosquitoes are the first killer animals in the world with 725,000 victims (healthline research).

Get rid of disease-spreading mosquitoes without using harmful chemical fogging or repellent lotions with MosTrapPRO™


Rechargeable Electric MosTrapPRO is effective in getting rid of mosquito & insects troubles immediately with our powerful High-Volt electric bug zapper.

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What Makes MosTrapPRO™ Different

Intelligent MOSQUITO KILLER that works

MosTrapPRO Easily Repel & Kill Mosquito, Bugs & Insects Without Harmful Chemicals - Anywhere, Anytime.

MosTrapPRO is a rechargeable mosquito killing device that is designed to be used in both indoors & outdoors. It is a safe and effective way to get rid of mosquitoes without the use of harmful chemicals. MosTrapPRO is powered by a 8 hour rechargeable battery.

Verified buyer -

I live in an area with lots of bush and I get heaps of mozzies. This is a real life saver.

2 IN 1 Mode - Mosquito killer & night light

MosTrapPRO Helps You Kills Mosquitos While Serving As A Night Light At The Same Time.

The MosTrapPRO is designed to be an all-in-one solution for your home, office, & outdoor areas. It has a built-in LED bulb that can be used as a lamp, and it also has an ultrasonic device that emits high-frequency waves to kill mosquitoes in the area.

Verified buyer -

When I first saw this zapper, I thought there was no way this would be effective. Was I ever surprised! Used it when we went outside, and it really kept mosquitos away.


MosTrapPRO Helps You Enjoy A Good Night Sleep Without Disturbance Of Mosquitos or Loud Mosquitos Killers

MosTrapPRO only makes a zapping noise (20 dB max) when a bug is in contact with the electronic grid. No noise, no radiation, no-toxins, no-chemical while in operation. A perfect choice for you & your loved ones.

Verified buyer -

It arrived just in time for my 3 day camping trip and it was a true friend. It fought off all the mozzies and it protected my young kids from nasty bites to which they are so prone to. Small and compact, but it works like a charm!

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MosTrapPRO Is Easy To Use, Clean & Carry Around With You When You Want To Enjoy A Mosquito-Free Environment.

MosTrapPRO was caged with ABS to prevent people touching the lights. It’s also easy to remove and install trays for collecting inserts such as mosquitoes, just twist the bottom tray and clean with a soft brush.

Verified buyer -

Good product , charge lasts thru the night 6-7 hours . It's a tad small for my intended use personally, the lights aren't as bright . Does the job I guess , I'll get myself a bigger , powerful zapper . This one is super handy for smaller areas .


MosTrapPRO Helps You Enjoy Indoor & Outdoor Activities Without The Fear Of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a nuisance to humans and animals alike. They can carry diseases that can be fatal to humans. Mosquito killer lamps are made for outdoor and indoor use. They emit a light that attracts mosquitoes, which then get killed by the heat of the lamp.

Verified buyer -

Brought this with me to camping recently and really happy for this product . It is powerful to kill insect and easy to clean it out from the device as well . Charging is quick as well . The product is light and can be hang at anywhere with a hook or just place it on a flat surface.


MosTrapPRO helps You Enjoy Mosquito-Free Environment For 8 Hours from Just one charge

MosTrapPRO is user-friendly and only use one button to control the entire unit. This device is equipped with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery that last for 8 hours for a good night rest & charged by USB cable. 

Verified buyer -

This time I proactively ordered this and used it within and after rainy season must say excellent catcher for bugs and good calming affect on the outside as well. easy to clean in the morning

How Does MosTrapPRO™ Compare?

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Kill Mosquito & Insects
Works Indoor & Outdoor
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