What Is This?

This is an electric butt lifter that is designed for hip lifting and training..

It helps you to tone, tighten and firm your hips and buttocks into what you've always wanted.

How Does It Work?

 It adopts 2023 newest EMS Technology, which can stimulate your hip muscles via safe electric impulses..

You can also use it with Scraping, Massage, Acupuncture, or Tapping.

Better use when laying down.

How to Use It?

There are 6 modes and 10 intensity levels to massage your muscle. .

All you need to do is put the butt enhancer pad to your body and select a mode and intensity you like to desire.

Make sure turn up the intensity in order to work on both sides

How Long Will It Take to See An Effect?

15 mins/session, once a day, is equal to 100 squats, 2000 meters running, 30mins freestyle swimming. It takes about one month to see a distinct result.

say no to drug because of Buttocks & hips

Trainer can help you tone, tighten and firm your hips and buttocks that you've always wanted With U-shape padding for the hip.

see it in action!


Intelligent Hip Trainer Buttocks, Lifting Waist Body Beauty Device,

Beauty Massage Relaxation Machine with Remote Controller.

Have you seen an easier training method?

No more squats, no more lunges!

let your ass bounce when your partner slaps it

Hip Trainer, Helps Butt Lifting Toning a Fitness Simulator

The EMS Smart Hip Trainer will contract your hip muscles to achieve the same effect as an intense workout

Tone up and sculpt your buttox at homeThis self-training tool is a great way to accompany your normal workouts to yield amazing results in a shorter period

The EMS Smart Hip Trainer will contract your hip muscles to achieve the same effect as an intense workout

see our happy customers reviews

mrs joy

From Abuja,Nigeria


It worked for me ….I used it in conjunction with working out and notice my results were faster than without it. You can’t use it for a week 1/2 and expect result

mrs julious

From Lagos,Nigeria


I think it works. Got mine on Facebook, I was skeptical, but I know what EMS feels like, and it definitely feels like it’s EMS, which does tone muscles in your body, with different types of electric vibration

mrs Anita

From imo,Nigeria


I have this and it works,I used to for about a month and even after I took a break. My booty got bigger you need to keep up with it to get best results


From Delta,Nigeria


One and half weeks is not enough to see result, You need to use it at least for one month to see the results and from my experience it does work you just need some patience

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mrs frant

From jos,Nigeria



From lagos,Nigeria



From uyo,Nigeria


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